My Story

Where It All Began

It all started around 4.30pm on Monday 26 September 2022.

As with the days, weeks, months previously, browsing the listings of Jaguar Approved Used XF’s and finding nothing close to the spec I was looking for. Not being desperate to replace my trusty 2001 X-Type, I was able to take my time and wait for the right one to turn up.

On this particular day – having received the regular “Buy your Jaguar XF online today” email from Jaguar I decided to have a browse on Autotrader. I’d checked out their listings a few times previously but was still unable to find the high spec I wanted. That was about to change. A red XF S popped up in the search results, so would this one be like all the others – lacking in key features?

My Jaguar Story actually started several years ago – Christmas 2016 – when an unexpected chain of events had very unexpected consequences.

☑ S 3.0D V6
☑ Adaptive & Configurable Dynamics
☑ Adaptive LED Headlamps
☑ 10in Touch Pro
☑ 12.3in Virtual Instrument Panel
☑ Meridian Surround Sound System
☑ Surround Cameras
☑ Adaptive Cruise Control
☑ Queue Assist
☑ Lane Keep Assist
☑ Blind Spot Monitor/Assist
☑ Reverse Traffic Detection
☑ Park Assist
☑ 4-Zone Climate Control
☑ Climate Seats
☑ Heated Steering Wheel
☑ Powered Steering Column
☑ Powered Tailgate
☑ Sliding Panoramic Sun Roof
☑ Privacy Glass
☑ 20in “Labyrinth” diamond turned alloys
☐ Heads-Up Display
☐ Configurable Ambient Lighting

Surprisingly difficult to find all those options in the same car, but here that car was. In all its glory in Italian Racing Red.

And so, with almost all my boxes ticked, it was time to secure the car until I had time to view and testdrive. A quick phone call and parting with (a fully refundable) £99 and the car was safe from others for a few days.

Next, the car was in Norwich but could be moved to a more local branch – one of the things that makes dealing with these “car supermarket chains” that bit easier. I decided to wait until the following morning before making the decision to part with the (non refundable) £100 transfer fee to bring the car to Warrington. Still an hours drive away, but significantly better than Norwich. Two days later (Thursday) and the car had made it over to the north west. Unfortunately the testdrive would have to wait another three days as I had prior engagements in the Cotswolds.

Whilst waiting for the car to arrive at the Warrington branch I sent an email over to the Jaguar Land Rover Customer Relations Centre to request a copy of the build sheet. The dealer was happy to provide me with the VIN so this was a straight forward process. 24 hours later and an email arrived confirming the car was fitted with all the desired options and packs as well as confirming the vehicle was 2018 model year.

Look What I Nearly Bought…

The search for Rosso was a long one… a very long one – almost 18 months looking for the right spec and waiting for the right time.

In July 2022, this lovely XFS in Loire Blue turned up at Williams Manchester Jaguar and I was quick to enquire about the spec and had this walkaround video sent over. Within an hour someone else had snapped it up, and my search continued.

Now, as lovely as this blue XFS is, Rosso does have a slightly higher spec 🙂

Sunday 2 October 2022

After a couple of days driving around the Cotswolds and Warwickshire in my trusty 2001 X-Type it was finally time to check out this car with my own eyes. Would it really live up to the showroom photos? I should say so!

Pushing buttons, checking things were working as they should whilst the salesman went and grabbed a set of trade plates. Then it was time to drive. Off we went, all good so far. Then I had to stop at the security gates. OK, so this XF has far better brakes than I had been used to on the X-Type. I apologised to the salesman and off we go again.

After a relatively short and leisurely test drive, I was happy that this was the car I had been looking for. We went back into the huge showroom and a deal was done. The balance of the deposit was paid and I agreed to collect the car four long days later.

R(osso) minus 3 days – rather than leave it to handover day, I decided to get the full payment sent over early. I didn’t want to turn up and there be an online banking issue. So now, with a significantly lower bank balance, I spent the next few days brushing up on all the bells and whistles fitted to this XFS counting the seconds until it was time to head back down the M6.

Thursday 6 October 2022

Finally – handover day had arrived. I had arranged for my brother to give me a lift down the M6 to Warrington. All went smoothly and to plan. There was one surprise during the handover when it came to sorting out the vehicle excise duty. Expecting to pay £520 for 12 months car tax (due to the extra £355 levied on vehicles with a list price of over £40K for the first five years) but when the car details were entered into the DVLA system, the cost for 12 months was just £460.83. The handover guy was as surprised as me. It was only later that I realised that the extra fee was levied up to the cars 5 year anniversary and so I had about 10 weeks taxed at the standard rate. When it comes to renewing the car tax in October 2023, it’s going to be far cheaper, without the surcharge.

Two keyfobs and a load of paper work and handover was complete. Rosso was waiting outside to be checked over. All seemed in order and so off I went. Disappointingly, despite asking for a bit of fuel to be left in the car, the range was showing about 15 miles. So first thing I had to do was find a fuel station in an area I had no knowledge of, in a car I was only just getting to know. Google Maps led me to an Esso garage and my first purchase of diesel was pumped. With that we were on the M6 heading north and a visit to my parents.

Rosso, on my parents driveway, on Day 1 – October 2022
The X-Type, on my parents driveway, on Day 1 – February 2017

It really didn’t take long to feel totally at ease with Rosso. By the time I had arrived at my parents – 60 miles – it felt like I had been driving this car for months. Everything just felt right, as it should do. Smooth with engine torque that really is quite addictive and 100+ HP more than in the X-Type. Handling, braking, everything in another league to my 21 year old X-Type.

After a few hours in Morecambe, it was then time to head home to Thornton-Cleveleys and introduce my faithfull X-Type to the new protagonist, the new kid on the block.