13 August 2023.

A group of Jaguars visit the Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.

Arriving from 9am, the Jaguars formed up on Castle Square in front of the magnificent Barbican main entrance to this iconic castle. Over 1000 years of history and numerous movie credits including Harry Potter, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Downton Abbey.

At 9.40am it was time to drive through the Barbican in convoy formation over the cobbled pathways and through tight archways. Later in the day, during one of the tours, the guide would tell the group that the Barbican entrance is only used by the family (Duke and Duchess of Northumberland) and their guests… and a few Jaguars 🙂

The White Swan, Alnwick

3.30pm and it was time to head across the road to The White Swan for a 3-course lunch in the Olympic Suite, surrounded by the original panelling, mirrors, ceiling and stained glass from RMS Olympic, Titanic’s sister ship!